When buying or renting

EU citizens are treated the same as Hungarian citizens when buying property. You don’t need a special permit. All types of real estate can be bought legally, except for land that has anything to do with agriculture.

Without language skills, it is very difficult and risky to conclude an agreement with the owner or to do everything properly. We advise you to look for an experienced specialist who can save you time, energy and a lot of money.

The purchase contract must be drawn up by a notary or a lawyer. The agreed purchase price must be specified in the contract in the Hungarian national currency, forint.

Yes, you need a permit from the municipality where your property is located.

Passport or identity card, certified extract from the land register of the property.

Anyone who buys a holiday home in order to sublet it to guests needs a permit from the municipality. 16 percent of the net rental income has to be paid to the state.

When selling

We create a written market value assessment for you with the current market value of your property.

Thanks to our professional expertise in construction and the real estate industry, we can offer you the perfect marketing package for your property.

Thanks to our professional competence in the field of renting and leasing and the entire legislation, we will find the perfect tenant for your property.


Our partner will create an energy certificate for you at a fair price, which is required for sale / rental.

We work out a professional preliminary planning (development) according to the local property regulations and legal requirements / guidelines.


We are happy to answer all questions about the real estate industry and related areas without obligation.

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